Leïka Natur, gift of the great spirit

Reconnect with your inner self by choosing products that are healthy, efficient and respectful of our surroundings.

Leïka Natur, consuming with a clear conscience

Leïka Natur is committed and acting right now to offer you a range of high quality products that respect the ecosystems in which we live. It is a fact that today, man must reduce the pressure he puts on his environment. Everyone has a role to play in this change. We are determined to build a more sustainable future and work day after day to enable you to consume in an informed way, at a fair price.

Natural products, design, efficiency and convenience

The ingredients and materials that make up Leïka Natur products are rigorously selected. Natural, recycled, recyclable and/or biodegradable, they are chosen for their quality, their effectiveness and for their low impact on the environment throughout their life cycle.

A controlled manufacturing process

From the formulation to the packaging (purified, limited and/or recycled), Leïka Natur carefully limits the footprint of its products as much as possible in a constant desire to reduce humanity's impact on biodiversity. We demand that the companies we work with have a clean manufacturing process, that complies with our specifications.


Sustainable supply

Actively engaged in a selective and rigorous "sourcing" approach, Leïka Natur seeks out the most innovative products, technologies and designs, adapted to the new world taking shape. If long journeys are necessary, we select sustainable supply sources and compensate for the carbon footprint generated by transport.

Healthy and unique products guaranteed

Aesthetic, original and designed with passion, many of our products are certified by recognized, reliable and verifiable labels. With full transparency, you buy healthy products, without false promises, with the certainty of acting for a better world.